SATANIC OCCULTS:a true story

A man by the name of Obert who lives in harare,zimbabwe was iniciated into satanism at college unknowingly.It all began when someone brought a human skull to that college,kept it under wraps and gathered every one together from time to time to perform strange rituals.Obert was soon a master of the underworld and would travel to many places not in a physical form but in a satanic form and would get most of what he desired in life.This true story of Obert is when the occult functions in its intended unashamed manner.Most of the activities of the occult today have been re-shaped to fit the place or mainstream lifestyles of the people.Religion has now become the occult domain with people like joel osteen,td jakes,creflo dollar,eddie long,pat robbertson and many more BELIEVED to be freemason illuminati members.The occult is now 70 per cent religious.A worrisome aspect of the occult is when some people who are in churches,are witches and do not know that they are witches and take talents and gifts from unsuspecting church members,their witchcraft was inherited from aunts,grandmothers or simply an evil birthright.This brief basic structured in letter form e-book that looks at THE UNDERWORLD,THE ILLUMINATI,UNSUSPECTED WITCHCRAFT IN CHURCHES,PLAIN WITCHCRAFT or BLACK MAGIC can be emailed to you,price:us10 dollars, raymond mafukidze,a blogger and writer based in